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Man, I’m hurtin’! I’m bleeding inside,

”Moans Bryant “HairKutt ” Johnson, as he writhes in agony on his bed, going cold turkey from a 15-year heroin addiction. There’s no pusher standing by to give him a fix, no doctors or nurses to help him, no clinic to check into. He’s cared for, instead, by three of his closest friends – and their video camera - in a remote cabin, 500 miles away from his home in the streets of inner-city St. Louis.

These men have traveled to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee on a noble, yet dangerous mission: to help Johnson kick his habit the hard way.

This shocking REEL LIFE documentary follows them on their heart-wrenching journey. Tough love reaches new depths as HairKutt attempt's to escape the cabin while delirious, and then deteriorates into a life-threatening stage of withdrawal. Will this be his deathbed, or the springboard to a new life? Unflinchingly captured by the camera in a style more powerful and raw than any reality TV, HairKutt takes us inside the personal nightmare of drug addicts to witness their horror, and the courage and desperation of those who love them.

A Reel Life Films production. A film by Curtis Elliott and Ben Scholle. Music by Ben Scholle and Vince Deloney. Produced and directed by Curtis Elliott and Ben Scholle. A Reel Life Films release.

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