“More than 15 years ago when opiate abuse was a black inner city problem and addicts were criminals who were locked up.

A documentary filmmaker had a vision to bring awareness to his community, his friends, his family, and moreover his own son. That vision spurned “Hairkutt” the worlds first intervention and reality show all in one. Four friends traveled to a remote cabin in smokey mountains of Tennessee more than ten hours away from the streets of St. Louis Missouri, where drugs, death, and despair were the norm. These four men had a mission to break this death grip of addiction from their community and moreover the 15 year Heroin addiction of, Bryant, “Hairkutt” Johnson. A well liked, self taught street barber, who had fallen victim to Heroins' wrath.

Over the 15 years since the filming of this documentary, this novice filmmaker has taken Hairkutt to many corners of the world on his own dime with little to no fanfare at all. Curtis Elliott's undying mission was to get this film in front every kid in America, believing all the time that this would prevent the impending heroin epidemic. Four Star reviews from critics, recommendations from major newspapers, and prestigious screenings, did not get this film the exposure deserving of this powerful documentary. Elliott persisted, as major distributors, networks, and philanthropist scoffed at his documentaries' powerful message, meanwhile opiate abuse skyrocketed, and drug overdose became more deadly than auto accidents

Now three years since his friend “Hairkutt” lost his battle with addiction and seven years since his mission to get this documentary released nationwide Curtis Elliott has completed his accomplished at least one goal. Hairkutt will be released on iTunes and Amazon on November 10, 2017.

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